Located in Nova Scotia, Canada, one hour and 15 minutes from the International Airport and 5 minutes from the Trans Canada Highway.  Remote and mountainside location surrounded by mature hardwood forest.  Private and scenic.

This facility was built in 1983 and could be utilized for a wide variety of purposes including:

- Data Storage
- Sterile Bio-Tech
- TV and Radio Broadcasting/Receiving
- Private TV/Movie/Audio Soundstage Location
- Resort/Treatment Facility/Spa

Building Size is 10,000 square feet with lot size of 4+ acres.  All environment assessments have been completed and the property has clean and approved.

Private paved road built to Dept. of Transportation Specifications.  Electric chain link gate with keypad.  Full guard railsdistance between 1st gate and 2nd gate at guardhouse approx. 500 meters.
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(exterior) Full perimeter chain link topped with 3 strands of barbed wire.  Electric chain link fence with full facility guardhouse.  Top of the line video monitors accessed and viewed from inside the main facility.  Fire alarm systems all upgraded 3-4 years ago. Remote motion sensors outside chain link enclosure.

(interior) Solid brass cored security doors at both ends of work areas.  Radio proof and blast proof.  Vault like constitution.
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Crew Quarters
Four sleeping areas.  Washroom with 2 sinks, urinal, single stall toilet and shower, all ceramic.  Kitchen area with sitting room leading to exterior deck.  Video security camera and gate controls located in the sitting area.  Electric heat throughout. Janitors closet and laundry room with washer and dryer hook up.
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Shielded Enclosure
Entire interior working area (including environmental control and power room) is covered in radio proof shielding all mil spec. and like new. Raised, ventilated floors in all computer and server areas.  All precisely controlled environment.  Radio proof brass doors at both entrances to the shielded area.
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Uninterrupted power supply in separate room with humidity control, specs available. Raised floor.
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Environmental Control
Complete duplicate systems to insure against mechanical breakdown of any kind.  Two filtered air systems, two chillers, two A/C compressors as well as duplicate control panels. Freeze system and CO2 fire suppression system for environmental room and power room.  Two large A/C roof units.  Mil-spec reliance.  Extremely well maintained and in like new condition.
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Back up Power Room
Two complete 12 cyc  caterpillar generators with ancillaries including two interior fuel tanks.  Two independent battery charging systems.  Although the main exterior diesel tanks have been removed (Environmental Assessment), all the systems’ piping remains.  Inventory of maintenance supplies.  CO2 fire suppression system. 10 ton overhead crane.  Generators are currently 480 kwa and running at 500 HP.  However these diesels can be dialed up to 1000-1500 HP with 1 mechanic capability.  Complete with all panels and transformers.  Unbelievable quality and in pristine working order.
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Small exterior workshop with power for a welder, etc. (220) Flammable storage locker with power and ventilation.
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Radome and Satellite Dish
Approx. 60 feet in diameter.  The radome is constructed of reinforced fiberglass panels bolted together.  Very high build quality, full power and light with two large circulating fans (20 HP) as well as large intake disposal fan.  Large A/C heat,dehumidification unit on top of satellite dish.
Dish is fully functional and in excellent condition.  40 feet in diameter and 50 feet high.  All steel construction with aluminum.  Dish covering was used to send/receive high security NATO data.
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Owner looking for serious offers
Contact – gbckimber@eastlink.ca – 902-897-8875